Sunday, August 2, 2009


You know sometimes I think, “No…I won’t write that…it’s lame”. But then I remember that, this blog clearly states on the front page, “crap”. Though I don't think shoes are crap, and that is why I have written about them.

It seemed like all day the topic of shoes bombarded my aura like hail storm. At work the subject of my height came up and I made some comment like, “…and on top of that I had no shame wearing 4 inch heels”. That brought up the question, why do I no longer daunt such lovely footwear. Now for those of you who don’t know, I broke my back a few years ago in an inner-tube accident. I’m fine, I can walk and everything, but since then, my shoes have been...well, boring.

Funny how I ended up at the mall today with my sister who happened to be shoe shopping. I wasn’t much help to her as we have different tastes and even though I can not partake in wearing such cute things, my true shoe fetish has remained unchanged; black, 3 ½ inch + heels. It got to a point where I was picking out shoes for her to try on. My feet rested and happily enjoyed living vicariously through hers as she tried on pair after pair of shoes and sashayed around the store.

It was no joke when I confessed that even though I can’t wear 3 ½ inch heels, I still purchase them. My sister’s face went blank as she never sees me in these gorgeous shoes. I told her it’s because I can only wear them for as long as it takes to load the dishwasher or empty the garbage, then I have to remove them. If I feel the mood, I might consider blasting the radio and dance to half a song in them, but that’s about it. : (

Later, my sister told me that after the age of 30, a woman loses her balance and that is why it’s harder to walk in heels. She told me what exercises to do, and so I pray now to the shoe gods:

Give me the patients to continue working on my core and buttocks, so that I…may once again… glide into a room wearing 4-inch heels and they not have to just be my, “sitting shoes”.


Snaps of me and my shoes enjoying happy times at home together.

Here is link to a stupid/funny music video that my nephew found about shoes.

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