Sunday, September 13, 2009

Excuses. Excuses.

I can’t believe a month has gone by I swore to myself that I would not neglect my blog but…here we are.

Firstly, why has my blogging gone to the wayside? I’ve had a lack of time and new writable ideas, (not that this is one). I have recently re-jumped my college education with no particular goal except for acquiring a degree by the end of next year (definitely doable). A friend of mine enquired about my ultimate goal and not having any, we concluded that garden doors would surely open just by me walking the path.

Having to write for my English class (though I love it and may post/publish some of it) has not only kept me from blogging but also from my work on, “Dissonance” which I was hoping to release this month. I am actually glad that I’ve been able to put, this story off, not completely of course; once again I praise the universe and her work.

In this lost time, I’ve been introduced to new music (thanks to the subject of “A Man and his Band” see blog). The music has turned out to be a great influence on, “Dissonance”. Initially I thought of, “Dissonance” as a short story, a kind of cool escape. But with all the extra time, it’s turning into something really, really great, just as someone else predicted; though he has yet to see the effects of the musical influence.

Exhibit A: Excerpt from, “Dissonance”

Gavin hoped that in making eye contact with her, she might at very least sympathize; but the beast remained bitter. Not bothering to store her satisfied smirk, she spat at him then turned and walked towards the dresser…

Trust me there is a musical influence at hand in there, and it made a big difference. I usually add what my friend called “flavor text” I’d like to call this “garnish text” Out of the other 9+ projects I think I will only be able to use garnish in, “Dissonance”.

I’ll try to keep up, it may come down to posting my class work, but I do have some pretty decent excuses.

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