Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter S.O.S. (Save our Skin)

I love the Fall/Winter season, but hate what the cold does to my hair and skin. This is also flu season and with the H1N1 virus floating around, we must wash our hands more often than ever before. If you have not heard HAND SANITIZER IS A MUST; keep it in your purse, another in your car and one handy at the office,and use them all....often!!! Here are a few more winter skin care survival tips.


After a bath or shower, apply your body lotions and face moisturizers before you leave the steamy bathroom. This locks in more moisture than applying them later on overly dry skin.

When using harsh hand soaps pat your hands dry then let them air dry (when you can) instead of wiping them completely dry. (apply hand cream)

On really cold nights, sleep with a humidifier on to prevent dry skin around your face.

In cases of extremely dry hands (to the point where they are painful to wash) use hand sanitizer more and hand soap less and apply Neutrogena hand cream throughout the day

Good year round advice; especially if you have curly hair or chemically treated hair. Use a leave-in conditioner before applying your styling aids to minimize split ends. Also add a small amount of serum (Pureology is great) to your styling aids to help prevent static fly away hair.

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