Monday, November 29, 2010

Hide the Crayons, Lock the Toilet, She's hit the terrible two's

Potty Training-
So Puffykins-in her own way and time of course-has somewhat learned how to use the potty...when it's convienient....when it suits her best interests. For instance, when its bedtime, or she wants to get out of the crib. She knows how to do it, rips off her own diaper, uses the BIG potty, wipes and flushes. Sometimes we only known because we here a toilet flush and she makes her bare bottomed appearence asking for a new diaper, "diaper change".

With 3 older school age siblings and myself back in school there is no shortage of crayons, pensils, pens colored pensils within toddler reach in my house. I knew when I was pregnant with child number four she would not dissapoint. My carpets that I was once so proud to say, "I've got 3 kids and a spotless carpet" has gone to crap. There are stains everywhere. My walls? Let's just say I've given up on getting my deposit back. Sure some of the items are washable...when Puffykins got bored and took her toy keychain and carved up the paint in the bedroom....forget it.

Puffykins is the H.Child.I.C. around here.

Briefly, I have saved us from having to call the plumber by rescuing, an Ipod charger, hairpick, hot wheel car and a Q-tip from being flushed down our toilets at the hands of Puffykins. (I still recall the time Wee Man flushed a bar of soap down the toilet, 6 months, 4 people 1 toilet. ugh)

I...I should say, my family and nearby nieghbors wake up at barely 5a.m. with her first earlsplittng request of the day,"cup? Diaper Change? cup?....Mom," till I get up. Sometimes she goes so far as to throw her tinkerbell sippy cup at my bed. When I do finally get up she recites her order, "cup. milk. warm." When I return, she's sitting up in her bed, blanket wrapped around her waist she's "reading" a book with her back towards me with her hand outstretched waiting for me to put her cup in it! Like I'm her dang servent...yes.

That is the puffykin update, I sure hope that turning 3 mellows her out a bit.

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