Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Balancing Act

Driving home today, I thought about that saying; take everything in moderation. Then I thought; the Earth works so hard to balance herself out, why not consider that the universe, God, whatever, also wants to people to be emotionally or spiritually balanced. For instance, why when I am blissfully happy, does some sad and unfortunate univited soul soon enter my tiny world?

I try to believe that the universe, God, whatever, wants us all to be happy, disgustingly happy; like the quantum physicists preach. Yet time and time again I find myself holding back when I’m happy, like I have a fear of it? Experience keeps reinforcing the belief that if you are happy, overly so, you will soon find yourself very unhappy. Fortunately, in order to keep this so called, ‘balance’ it works both ways. Surely you have noticed that when you are in a bad mood, there is always that unexpected soul who crosses your path and soon sends you on your way to a cheerier place.

I was contently happy today, for no special reason. Halfway through the day a young woman entered my world who not as happy. When she left me, I knew that spiritually she was in a better place then when she arrived; and I consequently, was a little less content. Then later on, I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with someone very gloomy. One of those individuals who are more satisfied when they are miserable. They exist in misery; bask in it and receive pure joy when they can spread onto others. Anyhow, this person drained all the happiness I had left. Ugh, she was like a damn dementor wearing an ugly old fat lady suit. 

It seems to not matter how many good energy people you meet, surround yourself with, or positive energy you put out -thinking you are going to get it back-, the universe is certain to place an unfortunate soul directly in your path whose purpose is to suck the joy right out of you and like a vampire leave you drained, depressed and trying to remember what you were so damn happy about in the first place.

Or, perhaps the universe hopes that you will take the opportunity to help these people out of their, “emotional funk.” I hope the universe will soon get the message that some souls are beyond hope, and quit putting those ones in my path. Still, somehow I know the universe, God, whatever, will never give up on trying to balance it all out.

Till then my remedy will be the same:
Remember the good and important people in my life.
Focus on what makes me feel good.
No matter how bad someone tries to make me feel, they have no power over me.
You can be sure as shit that eventually, everything will balance out.

This P.S.A was brought to you by me, Stacy, while I waited for my pizza. I was too tired and drained to cook because today I met a negative ass vampire type person and am still recovering. 

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