Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunnyside Salon Adventures in hairstyling Part 2- Blame the Stylist.

Client complains to her stylist-Sadie- that her hair is feeling oily and is also quite smelly. She blames her condition on Sadie.

Client: Well did you use bleach on my hair?

Sadie: No, no bleach just your usual color that would not make your hair oily.

Client: Well why is my hair so…greasy looking?

Sadie: What shampoo are you using?

Client: The one you gave me.

Sadie: Are you using it the way I told you?

Client: Uhh…

Sadie: Well if you’re not using it the right way…

Client: Well I am.

Sadie: Your diet? Vitamins you may be taking?

Client: No, same diet, same vitamins.

Sadie: Well…it could be your age you are a teenager and....

Client shakes her head.

Sadie: Okay well I will wash it with a treatment shampoo and see if that helps…I mean honestly I can only work with the outside, I have little control over what you do when you leave the salon.

Sadie proceeds to treat her client’s problem. Client is pleased at the results and upon finishing…

Client: Maybe it’s because I’m only washing once a month.

Sadie: You think?

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