Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Discoveries I made today...

After a weekend surrounded by people I should have just rested, but instead I found myself cleaning. Cleaning is an understatement, my O.C.D kicked in. When I clean like this often times it's because I'm getting over a cold or like today, just getting rid of all the energy I inherited over the weekend. So what did I discover? Well I thought my bedroom was clean until it took six hours to dust, organize and vacuum...now it's clean. Upon cleaning out my refrigerator, I also discovered that my children do not always drink the juice that is left in the fridge for them. With that, I discovered where that juice ends up and why the vegetable drawer was always stuck; the missing juice mixed in with some spilled Parmesan cheese and created a strange sticky goo. I also discovered that I had way too much powdered sugar and the importance of the box of arm and hammer baking soda I keep in the back of the fridge.

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